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While you’re in Bali, you might as well enjoy Bali to the fullest. It will be a waste not to experience what Bali has to offer. Beach is only one of so many things you can enjoy in Bali. Don’t get us wrong, we do love beaches, but there’s so much more of Bali you should be enjoying. From famous street foods, ice creams, to the hidden waterfall, our partners offers you the real Bali experience. And you know what? We’ll let you in on the best deals.

Prepare yourself to be indulged in real Bali experience presented by our partners.


the treat for your wedding guests
Paletas Weys
Nothing beats a cold fresh ice cream under the bright sun of Bali. Known for it's wide variety of flavours, our partner invites you to enjoy the Mexican popsicles Paletas Wey!
Ibu Dayu Babi Guling
When visiting new places, trying street foods is an agenda of the utmost importance. We give you the best street food in Bali on a silver platter. Dig in to the delight of Babi Guling Bu Dayu.
Guest comforts are the ultimate reasons of having a successful wedding event. Most guests normally are excited about tasting and spending from the popular Balinese foods to the guest activities that they can enjoy Bali experience to the max.

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