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It all started with the sole vision of helping couples to have better memories by knowing how to prioritise.
The journey "UNCOVER" is from book-making to this website.

Different means you are unique

After years and decades in telling other people stories, I learnt many ways to make beautiful photo and video. But making one memorable event is only one way. If everyone including the couple has a good mood to enjoy, then the event will definitely be a memorable milestone in their life.

During my experiences as well, I learnt there are many people missing some important points when planning the big day. The success is never in conjunction to the size of the budget. But sometimes, they just don’t know who and what they are.

On my book “UNCOVER”, I conclude what I learnt from some of wedding experts about the things to consider before planning the wedding in Bali. It highlights all about priority and budget. The menu “Plan & Organize” is the extension to the original book. It covers the practical tips and tricks from the experts.

Wiki Lee @2018

Every couple must realize that they have different personalities & needs, families background and financial situations. Learning from others' experience is always a good start but understanding what they really need is the best start to allocate the budget and focus. It's better to have less but they are the best ones than many but mediocre ones.

Priority & Budget

Having less but they are the best ones than many but mediocre ones is the aim

My wife is the best kind of people when comes to planning and organizing. She is the one who stops me because I tend to upgrade things when actually I don't need. They may be not things matter the most after all.

The hardest part when planning and organizing is to realize that we cannot have everything. Focus on the priorities and build them as the starting point.

Some people can have a different starting points when comes to wedding planning. They might tend to be "budget constraints", "specific needs" or perhaps "leave it to the pro".

"budget constraints" - They know whatever it is, they cannot exceed certain limit as the most important objective from the wedding day to make them happy.

"specific needs" - certain looks & feels or certain moods or even specific family needs are things that matter the most than anything else. It's a good start

"leave it to the pro" - this is a good starting point that the couple know they want to rely everything to the professionals to take care their weddings because they might have no idea to do it or perhaps too busy to plan & organize it.

Video clips that highlight the process-making "Uncover"
Wedding memories must be personal so that they can cherish for the rest of their marriage
Wiki Lee shares his thoughts about "moments" in his photography prespective.
The reasons why this site is dedicated for Bali weddings.

Our uncovering Journeys

Things we do to promote the UNCOVER

Watch our 1st Bali vendors gathering
This journey begins with a vision to promote and at the same time educate future couples about Bali Weddings. To reach more people we digitalized our book, even better we launched a website on October 11th 2018. Amidst our new family, this event marks the dawn of new beginning of our journey in Uncovering Bali wedding.
Nilo Cafe / Bali, Indonesia
Watch the book launch event at Kinokuniya
Here is where it all begins. From a book about Bali we try to reach more people with the same vision as well sharing the experiences to our colleagues and ex-couples or even to bride-to-be about our idea. Launched in Kinokuniya book store, Jakarta back in the beginning of 2018, our journey starts here.
Kinokuniya Book Store / Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Watch The journey of delivering the book 1st edition
Christmas (2017) comes early, well not really, we just want to keep the Christmas spirits alive by sending our beloved friends a special gift. We delivered our early edition of the book "Uncover" to our Bali friends. Wrapped up wholeheartedly by our team, we think we speak for everyone that seeing our shared vision and ideas in a beautiful book is the best gift we can offer. They give feedback and input before we publish the book publicly.
Everywhere in Bali / Indonesia
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